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SSMS Ambassador Team

As SSMS ambassadors, representing both Centuria and SSMS in most activities or events that we participate in, is our top priority. Some of these events involve the Open Day where we have the chance to represent the program and show potential students what we area about.


Moreover, events such as expos and guest lectures where we have the chance to expand not only the network of SSMS and Centuria but also students have the chance to establish new contacts. Furthermore, the ambassadors are assisting new and potential students by giving them a better insight into SSMS and expanding our program as much as possible. 

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As an SSMS Ambassador, you will become the face of our study. Your responsibilities will be looking for possibilities where Centuria and SSMS could expand their networks and establish new connections. However, this would not just involve with extending our list of contacts, but it would also help current SSMS students with exploring the world of safety and security. By this, we mean that, you would also be responsible for looking for events that could interest current SSMS students and help them deepen their understanding and providing them with more chances to explore the world of safety and security. Anything from guest lectures and conferences, to museum expos and movie screenings: the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, you would help potential students to get acquainted with SSMS and letting them know your experiences and insights as a current student of SSMS. 


The Buddy System will let you communicate with potential students and assist them with their questions and issues.

Webinar is a livestream, where you get to talk about the program and answer questions that are frequently asked by new students. 

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