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Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee is Centuria’s mouthpiece to the world – it’s all about communication, communication, communication here.


We are the ones making sure that every Centuria member and SSMS student is getting informed about our upcoming events in time. We are the ones announcing big (and small) news to everyone. We are the ones maintaining website, Instagram, and Facebook of Centuria, to make them as informative, helpful and professional as possible. We are the ones finding activities our audience might be interested in – and telling them about it. We are the ones that get creative when designing the flyers for our many events. And we are the ones that are always on our phones, and never miss to reply and react to whatever is flooding one of our social media accounts.  

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The “writer” will be responsible for drawing up texts that will be used on Centuria’s and SSMS’s various social media accounts, as well as the Centuria website. These texts will usually contain information about events, or other announcements such as the release of merchandise, an internship possibility, et cetera. Especially when advertising events, the texts need to be eloquently worded, concise, and emphatic. Thus, we require a high level of the English language and the ability to communicate important information well. The position of the writer will enable you to improve your writing skills which can benefit your academic career.


“Graphic Designer” 

The “graphic designer” will be responsible for designing flyers that will be published on Centuria’s and SSMS’s various social media accounts, as well as the Centuria website. Flyers are mainly needed for events, but also for announcing vacancies, the release of merchandise, or other issues related to the program and/or the study association. Applicants should be creative and able to work with editing / flyer-creating programs to produce flyers that not only convey the necessary information, but also look professionally made and appealing. 


Your benefits

  • Engaging yourself in extra-curricular work is going to make a good impression on your CV

  • Opportunity to actively shape Centuria’s representation on the internet

  • Enables you to improve your specific skills, such as writing or graphic design

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