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Why should you join the Writing Committee?


A couple of days ago, I was walking with my friend and he asked me how the Writing Committee is doing. I told him that I still have to write an article about the MH17 when he asked me: “Why don’t you write about your experience instead?”. He knew that I am leaving and that this article would be my last one. So, I thought, “…that’s actually a good idea. I would write about my experience and tell other students why they should join the Writing Committee the next study year”. So here I am, writing and hoping that you will be interested in joining next year after you read it.

First of all, let me tell you how it all started. I remember sitting in The Lighthouse café on the ground floor of the university building, waiting for my friend Justin to join me for a coffee. When he came, we talked, and I remember him asking me what I think about writing a post for the LinkedIn group ‘SSMSociety’ that he was managing back in time. I thought, “why

not?”, so I agreed to do it as soon as I got a little bit of free time. A couple of weeks after my post, which had to be split in two parts as LinkedIn has a maximum number of words for their posts, Justin contacted me again and asked what I think about writing a blog post for the Centuria website. Honestly, I wasn’t keen on that – but what interested me more than writing was to get to know more people. I didn’t know anyone from Centuria back then, even though we have been all from the same year, and I thought it would be nice to get to know more people outside of my usual social groups. That’s how I met Benjamin, the former president and Philippa, the former PR manager of Centuria. We talked and agreed that I would write a few articles that could be useful for the students regarding life in the Netherlands, housing, jobs etc.

 After we released a couple of articles, I remember when I felt like “I do not want to do it anymore” – covid-19 pandemic was widely spreading across the world, everything was closed, uncertainty and limited social contacts made me feel that way, I guess… But then, Centuria started with certified courses which were taking place at the university – so it was a real chance to go out at least somewhere and see other people. I remember coming there and seeing all the different people from different years of SSMS who I have never seen before. The attendants of the courses were mainly first and second-year SSMS students. I remember thinking, “ they are so different, so friendly and very much together, like one big group” – I was very impressed and thought “, I’d wish it was the same in our year” (Note: The article is written from my perspective - if you are from my year, you might have a completely different thought about it). So here I was – super impressed by the students I have never seen before, wishing somehow to stay in touch with them. That’s how the idea to start the writing committee emerged. 

After approaching students during Centuria courses and with the help of Mr. Arons, a few weeks later I got to welcome Alim, Dillon, Hannah, Kevin and Sarah to the Writing Committee. I remember reading each and everyone’s application and being absolutely amazed by these people without even having met them yet. Now, after we have been working together for a couple of months, I am still amazed and admire each of them individually. Dillon, if you get to meet him in person, you will be struck by his knowledge and professionalism, as well as how interesting he is as a person. Alim impressed me first by his sense of style, but if you get to know him closer, you will find a naturally born leader and a person with who you can discuss absolutely everything. Sarah was always the first to finish her article; she is kind, respectful, and a true professional with whom I hope to stay in touch. Kevin, who amazes me with his open-mindedness, creativity and sense of humour, and Hannah, a person with great people skills who is intelligent, interesting and kind.

Working with them throughout the pandemic, although online, has made my study life at the university genuinely memorable. I acquaintanced many interesting people who I wouldn’t have gotten to know under different circumstances. Therefore, being part of something bigger than just the study itself is truly a rewarding experience. Such experience you can get by joining the Writing Committee next year. Join - if you wish to get to know more people. Join – if you want to make new friends. Join – if you want to share your knowledge. Join us – we are waiting for you!

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