What is Private Data and how is it stored?

Throughout the whole world, thousands if not millions of people are unaware, oblivious, and uninformed about how their personal information is being used, collected, stored and shared in today's complex digital world. Think about it, how many webpages, forums or social media platforms do you visit per day and how many hours do you do it for? If you come up with a number between 5 to 8 hours per day then you are right! The average Internet user spends roughly 6.5 hours online every day, going through countless webpages, blogs, social media and even cute dogs clips on YouTube, and every time you do that you permit the circulation of your personal information. Every time you click on that “Accept” button you give consent for the websites to collect your personal data. You might think it's harmless, but have you ever wondered what it really was about? Or what is this “personal data” the website is hinting to collect? Well you are in luck! As today's post will explain what personal data is, who stores them and how you can protect it.

What Is Personal Information?

Personal Information or Personal Data can be identified as - any information that relates to an identifiable living individual.<