The University of Leiden vs THUAS vs both?

How to be a successful student? – Interview with Jonas Carinhas, alumni, who did both studies at the same time.

First time I met Jonas 3,5 years ago. Back then, I first was confronted with a difficult choice – go to study in Leiden the Security Studies or choose for the Safety and Security Management program in

Jonas Carinhas

Den Haag. To make the best choice, I contacted the faculty of the Security Studies, and they later sent me an e-mail stating that I could make an appointment with Jonas Carinhas who agreed to help me with my question. We met in a café on the campus of the Leiden University in Den Haag and over a cup of tea, I learned that Jonas is also a student in SSMS, doing both studies at the same time. It was like winning a lottery ticket. During the two hours, he told me about both courses, his experience, pros and cons, and that helped me to make the right choice.

Therefore, when a couple of weeks ago, Benjamin (President of the Centuria) suggested contacting Jonas for the interview – I knew that no-one could be better for this role.

Luckily, Jonas agreed to give an interview to me through the Zoom where I would ask him a couple of question – so here we go: