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The 7 Deadly Sins of an SSMS Student


Over the course of their academic lives, every student has heard the same thing.

“Don’t procrastinate! Manage your time! HYDRATE AND EAT SOMETHING GREEN!!!”

… The last one might just be me. My point, however, still stands! We’ve all been told time and time again the times we should be doing, but what about the things we shouldn't ? That, my friends, is where this list comes in!

Centuria SA has asked the students and lecturers of our program what they think the worst things students could possibly do. While they ranked something differently, overall, there was agreement on what was terrible and what was just naughty. You might say these are our seven deadly sins!

Okay, so there's more than seven, but several of the things had the same number of votes, so it's technically seven! Either way, here are the deadly sins of students!

1. Not being involved in teamwork.

You heard it right here folks, it's official! According to both students and lecturers, the worst thing you could do is not be involved in teamwork. That means projects, assignments, presentations, what have you. Not involving yourself in group work not only puts your grades in danger, but it also puts your groupmates in danger. It adds stress to them and will only cause at least some form of resentment. If you can't be involved due to personal reasons, tell them and the lecturer.

2. Being disrespectful and not attending class

Two things the lecturers ranked highly, and that students found important too. Being disrespectful or mean to your lecturers and fellow students doesn't do you any favors. Negative first impressions are harder to get over than positive ones. Being rude is a pretty good way to make a bad first impression.

Attending classes is one of the simplest ways to stay on top of your classes. You can ask the teachers questions directly if you're confused, so you don't waste time emailing them later on. Reviews are often done at the beginning or end of class with Kahoot or some other thing. Attending class saves time in the future, so do your best to always attend class.

3. Plagiarism

I hope, dear readers, that you all know why plagiarism is bad. If so, feel free to skip. If not, well, it’s because it’s the academic equivalent of STEALING.


Plagiarism is easy to avoid simply by citing your sources, which is easy enough to do. If you aren’t sure how to cite something, there are multiple sites and sources about how to do so properly.

4. Procrastination, cramming, doing the minimum to pass, etc.

Another bunch of classical problems all students have heard, but that does not make it any less true. Procrastination is just going to make future you hate current you, a feeling we've all probably experienced. Make the future you like the current you. Do your work.

If you’ve talked to Mr. Arons about study skills and habits, you’ve hopefully already realized that cramming, while it does occasionally work, isn’t the smartest strategy in the long term. You are here to learn, to grow, to expand your horizons, and generally give yourself the best shot at life when you graduate. You don’t necessarily have to go the extra mile all the time, just do your best and strive for your best. That’s all you have to do. Just try.

5. Not asking for help when you need it and not taking care of yourself.

Ah, one of the trials of college life, learning to balance your basic human needs and your academic workload. You can be at the top of the class in terms of grades, but it won’t mean anything if you crash and burn before the finish line.

The university has a pretty good support network in place for any students who are struggling. If you need help with a particular subject or are having a hard time in general, that’s what your academic advisors, classmates, and friends are there for. Admitting you need help isn’t admitting weakness. It’s being brave enough to reach out.

6. Distracting your classmates

Don’t be that person. Please don’t. As much as being entertaining or funny might be good during a regular class, making unhelpful or distracting comments in chat can be very annoying for some people, especially when it makes a sound. This is a hard time for everyone; let's try and do our best to not make it worse for our fellow human zombies, yes?

7. Going around people or talking behind someone’s back.

See number 2. But yeah, the only time you should go around people or behind their back is IF & ONLY IF, you have already brought the issue to their attention MULTIPLE TIMES and they have had enough time to actually do something but haven't. Otherwise, don’t be that person. Communication is key to anything in life, and I mean anything. Talk to whoever you need to first, and then if they aren’t helpful or aren’t helping at all, then go to someone else.

In short, be involved, be polite and decent, ask for help when you need it, and take care of yourself and your friends. Do those things, and you shall be free of sin in the eyes of our teachers.

(Probably. I do not speak for the faculty or any lecturers. This will have no use if you show it to a teacher if you’re fighting them.)

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