The 7 Deadly Sins of an SSMS Student

Over the course of their academic lives, every student has heard the same thing.

“Don’t procrastinate! Manage your time! HYDRATE AND EAT SOMETHING GREEN!!!”

… The last one might just be me. My point, however, still stands! We’ve all been told time and time again the times we should be doing, but what about the things we shouldn't ? That, my friends, is where this list comes in!

Centuria SA has asked the students and lecturers of our program what they think the worst things students could possibly do. While they ranked something differently, overall, there was agreement on what was terrible and what was just naughty. You might say these are our seven deadly sins!

Okay, so there's more than seven, but several of the things had the same number of votes, so it's technically seven! Either way, here are the deadly sins of students!

1. Not being involved in teamwork.