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POP Week Special: Interview with Floor de Kievit SSMS Alumnus in Public Safety


Interview questions for the interview as well as their answers:

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I am Floor de Kievit, a 21-year-old alumnus of SSMS. I graduated from SSMS in 2023. I live in The Hague, next to Siezo, in a student home with 10 others. However, I grew up in Zoetermeer and lived there for 19 years with my parents and brother. I love to do sports in my free time, such as swimming, CrossFit, and cycling. Currently, I am doing the Master of Crisis & Security Management at the University of Leiden on the campus of The Hague.

2. Can you provide an overview of your career journey since graduating from SSMS?

Since graduating from SSMS, I continued working at Basisteam Waterweg, the police station of Vlaardingen, Maassluis, and Hoek van Holland. This job opportunity was derived from my year-4 internship at SSMS. At Basisteam Waterweg, I am part of the Project Team, which additionally consists of two other SSMS graduates. As the Project Team, we are responsible for assisting police officers in their daily work, including administrative and analytical tasks.

3. What motivated you to pursue a career in public safety?

From a young age, I have been interested in joining the police force. This interest played a key role in my decision to choose SSMS for my studies. During SSMS, I developed many more interests in the public safety field through several courses, such as criminology. Additionally, SSMS made me realize that the field of public safety is far greater than I envisioned, making me more curious about the field. Therefore, I wanted to explore the police organization by doing an internship there, and this motivated me to pursue a career in public safety.

4. Can you describe your typical workday in your current job?

I work part-time, which means that I am at the police station 2,5 days a week. A typical day for me starts at around 8 AM. I log into my computer, check my emails, and respond. At 9 AM, I usually join the briefing, in which the special incidents are highlighted and discussed with the team. During the day, I typically work on various tasks assigned to me, have meetings, and interact with other colleagues. Since I went through the whole screening process, I can access most of the police databases, which allows me to carry out most of the tasks without problem. However, a workday is never the same due to several projects and actions that I regularly join with police officers outside.

5. How have the knowledge and skills you acquired during SSMS remained relevant in your current job?

In my current job, I must research individuals and their networks in the police systems many times. Therefore, I applied social network analysis, which I learned thanks to SSMS. Furthermore, this research on individuals and their networks is also done via social media, meaning that I apply OSINT skills that I learned during SSMS.

6. Can you share some of the major milestones or achievements in your career that you are particularly proud of?

In June 2023, I organized an educative day about undermining criminality together with my SSMS alumnus and the municipality of Vlaardingen. During this day, several interactive activities were present, such as a cannabis container from Stedin. The goal was to educate the public and entrepreneurs about what undermining criminality is and how to recognize it. This was the first large project that I was in charge of on behalf of the police.

7. What advice would you give current SSMS students for entering the job market in public safety?

I would advise you to not underestimate your knowledge and skills. During SSMS, you have obtained more knowledge and professional skills than you may be aware of. However, all these skills are very much appreciated in the professional world. Take all the opportunities provided to you that will further enhance your working experience and professional skills. Additionally, I would advise to not be afraid to ask questions and be curious. This shows you are interested in learning, and most colleagues are glad to help you where they can.

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