Interview with Dr Anna Matczak

By Dillon Ashmore and Sarah Jacobs

To many, the lives of lecturers beyond the classroom is a fascination. Students are eager to know more about those entrusted to teach and prepare them for their future careers, myself included. So naturally, when the opportunity to interview one of the SSMS lecturers arose I jumped at it, and I immediately knew who I wanted to interview. For those of you in the later years of SSMS, this lecturer may not require an introduction but for those who are newer to the course allow me to introduce Dr Anna Matczak. As a lecturer in comparative criminology many of you may know Dr Matczak from her first-year classes on the theories of crime causation and the lifespan of crime, however outside of this what do you know about her? If you are as curious as I am to learn more about the person behind the lecturer, I push you to read on and learn, as I did, many things about Dr Matczak, her research, interests, and experiences.

Before you became a teacher in the Hague, could you describe what other areas you’ve worked in and your life before moving to here?