Discovery and First Year in SSMS

Once upon a time

My first encounter with SSMS happened long before I officially became a student there. A Computer Science undergrad at Delft University of Technologies, back then, I was sitting in my apartment with the laptop in front of me showing another unsuccessful attempt to fix a computer code. "Well, perhaps it's time for a small break" - I thought, and don't remember how, but I decided to research different study programs in the universities located close to the place of my residence. There were two – THUAS (HBO) and Leiden University (WO). Despite different educational systems, they both shared a study program that immediately triggered my attention - Safety and Security Management Study (Security Study at Leiden University).

Why it caught my attention? Well, I always was interested in security and cyber-related topics, as a hobby, but haven’t thought about studying anything like this at all. I was reading the description and curriculum overview, thinking, that it is what I like and passionate about, and it might’ve been great to become a student of SSMS one day. But, already half-way with my CS degree, I convinced myself that I should stick to what I am doing now and went to sleep.

As time went by, I couldn’t stop thinking and feeling that I’ve made a wrong education choice. Despite my inner pride of being a TU Delft student and ultimate love for tec