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English - Full-Time

How many times do you hear about conflicts, wars, terrorism, and threats? Almost every day.

Many organizations and governments are looking for people that are able to deal and solve major problems that have an effect on people's safety and security.


And here we are, during a 4-year bachelor program we study the field of Safety and Security from different kinds of angles, we go on field trips to see what the real world really looks like and work in groups to solve complex problems. Additionally, we are being supported by teachers who have a lot of work experience and who are very knowledgeable in their own field. 


There is a great diversity in the subjects and every module is completely different from the other.


In the first year, you will get courses such as Policy Making, Law, Sociology, Economics, English Language, Political Science. In the second year, you will go more into depth and learn about Industrial Safety, Safety Risk Management, and Geopolitics. While in your third year you will follow a minor, which can be at the THUAS or abroad. Finally, in our fourth year, we will go on a research internship where will we write our final thesis. This all demonstrates the diversity in the program, which makes it very nice since no module is the same. 

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