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Meet the board 

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Alim Clinceanu, President.

My name is Alim Clinceanu, and I come from the beautiful, but often forgotten, Romania.

My position as President of Centuria entails a number of duties, the first of which is the supervision of the association’s activities. 

Therefore, my work is dedicated towards the fulfillment of Centuria’s mission, which is to provide experiences both socially and academically rewarding to its members, while also fostering a sense of community within the programme. Moreover, I act as the main liaison between Centuria and the the SSMS programme. Additionally, my responsibility is to facilitate active collaboration and communication between Centuria’s board members. 

Scroll down to meet the rest of the board and learn about their responsibilities!



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Andrew T. Bell, Treasurer.


My name is Andrew T. Bell and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the Space City. My position as the Treasurer of Centuria comes with the responsibilities of overseeing the finances of the association. This allows me to help make sure that all of our association's unique activities and events are possible. That also means I'm in charge of all the SSMS and Centuria merch! Please feel free to reach out or say hi if you see me around campus.

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Robert Dumitrescu, Event Manager.


My name is Robert, I am 21 years old, and I come from a country where alcoholism is considered a virtue, not a sin- Romania. I decided to pursue my study in SSMS for its diversity in subjects and to pursue my dream career in the law enforcement world. My time here has been phenomenal. Meeting people from so many cultures has been one of the loveliest experiences in my life. I am a person that is willing to help you integrate into the SSMS community and meet a variety of people in the course.

My job as the Event Manager of Centuria is to provide social and academic events while helping the administration of Centuria by managing the association's website.

Rebekha Ragunan, PR Manager.


Hi! My name is Rebekha Ragunan. I just started my third year at SSMS. I come from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago and I am 22 years old. 
You may have seen my name on the group chats spamming about a new event. I've always been interested in social media and how it can impact a person's outlook on something. It can persuade people to be happy just from choosing the colour blue instead of yellow on a post. That's why I was excited to do PR work for the Centuria Study Association.  
My roles as PR Manager are primarily focused on being the communication channel with both new and current students. As well as, keeping the students informed on all the amazing events we offer here at SSMS. 
If you ever see me at school, don't be afraid to say hi or ask any questions, l'll be happy to help or have a chat!

Wessel van der Vleuten, Vice President.


My name is Wessel van der Vleuten but please call me Wes. As you've definitely noticed from my appearance and name, I come from Africa. South Africa in fact. I am currently a third year SSMS student and am so far beyond grateful for the opportunities this study has given me so far as it has actively assisted me to enter the corporate security world in compliance and risk management. I truly feel that we have a true community here at SSMS, with wonderful students, lecturers and both educational as social events. My vision for Centuria is to further foster a feeling of community and to ensure students have the best experience possible regarding their time in this study both academically as well as socially. My position as Vice-President at Centuria entails managing administrative duties, assisting with event organisation as well as committee management and working closely with the SSMS ambassadors. If you ever see me around and have any questions at all regarding the association, SSMS or just want a chat, feel free to approach me as I'm always open for a talk!

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