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Meet the board 

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Lisa Braune, President

My name is Lisa, I am 24 years old, and I come from the beautiful countries of Germany and Austria. During the breaks, there is a big chance you will find me back home in the Alps skiing or hiking but if I am in Den Haag, you will most likely run into me on campus or at the beach.


I am very honored to be the president of Centuria – a study association with students who share the same passion for making this world a little safer. My goal is to organize various events that will help you to advance professionally and personally but also strengthen your social contacts with each other. I look forward to your active participation and every idea or suggestion you might have. Please do not hesitate to come up to me at any time. 



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Andrew T. Bell, Treasurer


My name is Andrew T. Bell and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the Space City.

My position as the Treasurer of Centuria comes with the responsibilities of overseeing the finances of the association. This allows me to help make sure that all of our association's unique activities and events are possible. That also means I'm in charge of all the SSMS and Centuria merch!

Please feel free to reach out or say hi if you see me around campus.

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Alexi Mikluha, Event Manager

I am Alexi Konstantin Mikluha, half French, half Finnish and in my second year of the Safety and Security Management Program. Starting from October, I took over the position as Event Manager of the Centuria Study Association which I carry out with much pleasure. You will probably find me in the SSMS lounge having a chat with other students or lecturers, catching up on readings or brainstorming the next Centuria event.  


My function is to ensure that all social and academic events run smoothly and that SSMS students are getting the most out of the experience. Please don’t hesitate to come up to me when you see me on campus, I am always happy to get a coffee and talk about all kinds of matters.

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Maria Dragosin, PR Manager


Hey, I am Maria Dragosin, and I come from the magnificent lands of Romania, the Latin island in a sea of Slavic countries. 
I have always loved creating designs and how colors can influence people's interpretation of a post. 
As the next PR Manager and fellow gamer, I will be the one you see communicating new events, blog posts, and other important announcements to new and existing students. I will work on maintaining Centuria live on Social Media on our Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn Platforms. Also, I will manage the Centuria Website with my fellow gamer Andrew T. Bell. 
I am more than glad to help you and answer any of your questions, so if you see me on Campus, please come and say hi.

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Kinga Pethő, Vice President


My name is Kinga, I am a 20-year-old student coming from the tiny but beautiful country of Hungary. I spend my days mostly around the SSMS common area, so if you need advice, a chat, or a companion for a coffee, you will most probably find me there. When I came to SSMS as a first-year student, the community welcomed me with open arms, and this is the spirit I would like to keep as the next Vice President. I am interested in basically everything, so if you ever want someone to talk about something, let it be a project or just about life in general, I will be all ears. I am looking forward to the upcoming period as Vice President because I know that I will meet amazing people and I will be part of exciting events. If you see me around, don't be shy to come up to me and start a chat! I promise that we will get along.

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