Meet the board 

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Benjamin Eckholm, President.

My name is Benjamin Eckholm and I come from an inexistent country - Finland.


As the current President of Centuria, I am responsible for the functioning of the this study association. My main task is to ensure the stable development of Centuria and this also means that I am the face of the association to external stakeholders, such as university and other study associations. Additionally, I keep an overview of all operations and activities of Centuria and try my best to support the other board members.


My job as president is very dynamic. New challenges occur constantly and its in my interest to face them together with my board. Below you will find more information about them.



Hannah Hauglin, Treasurer.


Hi, my name is Hannah, born and raised in Oslo, Norway. My primary responsibility as treasurer will be Centuria’s finances, but I will of course engage in the rest of Centuria’s aspects as well hand hopefully create the best possible experience for our members.

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Orla Faus, Event Manager.


Hello! My name is Orla, I am 19 years old and I am half Irish and half Spanish. I moved to the Netherlands over a year ago after deciding to study Safety and Security here in The Hague. As of now, I have finished the first year of SSMS and have had a great year. I was quite worried about moving to a country where I didn’t know anyone at first, but I quickly forgot about that fear when I started to meet everyone at the introduction camp, in class and at the various social events hosted by Centuria. I was surprised at the diversity of the course which really highlighted how international the course really is. As the new Event Manager of Centuria, it is my goal to host fun events and let students have the opportunity to meet so many great people as I have throughout my first year.

Philippa Purrio, PR Manager.


My name is Philippa Purrio, I‘m a third-year student of SSMS and PR Manager of Centuria. When I‘m not busy spamming social media - both my private one and that of Centuria -, I love engaging in discussions on about everything, wasting my time looking for flights  I‘m too broke to take, and exploring cities.

In my position I am, together with the help of my committee, responsible for advertising and communicating anything related to Centuria to you, and being the contact person for any external partners. 

Arnis Cimermanis, Vice President.


My name is Arnis Cimermanis and I am a third year student of SSMS. I am 21 years old and I come from Latvia. My interests in the safety & security field are international security and international relations, especially organisations like NATO and Interpol. Some of my extremely interesting and extraordinarily compelling hobbies include politics, understanding global affairs, and debating international relations and issues.

My position is vice-president of Centuria and my role is to take care of the administrative duties of our study association, manage the SSMS ambassador team and help with planning of the Centuria calendar. 

Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, The Hague, Netherlands

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